Nurture Your Passion, Nourish Your Soul

Women's Wellness Retreat near Harper's Ferry: April 5-8th, 2018


Are you stuck in the doing, achieving, and climbing and want to find more practical self-care strategies that really work in your everyday life?

Have you felt shut out, shut up, or shut down by the masculine and know you must stop fighting in ways that lead you to exhaustion or burnout?

Do you feel confused or fearful about what to do next and want to be re-connected with your true purpose and what really matters most to you?

This retreat is for women who are serving, caretaking, helping, or contributing to the world AND holding frustration, anger, sadness, or resignation within. It will give you the space and support to help you to re-center, ground, and remember what’s important so you can better serve yourself alongside your community and the people in your life that need you. It will give you the skills, practices, and tools to heal, reflect, and prepare yourself to be truly effective!

This retreat is for YOU, to accept yourself, in all your imperfection and messiness.


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During the 3-days we are together among the trees in the forest, you will:

Check-in with your body and higher self to feel deeply while also nurturing, loving, and resourcing yourself;

Challenge long-held stories that don’t serve you anymore so that they no longer hold you back or keep you from living big;

Identify the intense and complex needs that lie within you so that you can quickly connect with them in the face of challenge and transitions; 

Practice living from your core values and speaking from a connected place so that you can live with more power and choice in your everyday;

And, become part of THE TRIBE of women who are able to find beautiful and essential balance between loving AND fighting so that you can resist AND show up in the world with confidence, energy, and power.

This is the time, dear women, to own your raw, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated self and transform your habits so you can find your feminine WARRIOR SELF who arms herself with openness, presence, curiosity, and empowerment and fuels herself with passion, purpose, and nourishment.

                                                                            It's time to take care of yourself!

                                                                            It's time to take care of yourself!

This retreat is for you, if:

-You are ready to go inward and become deeply connected with self so that you make more authentic and aligned decisions.

-You are prepared to peel your layers to find your true intuition, desire, and strength and open yourself up to internal transformation.

-You are looking to live a life of truth and confidence that is supported through loving connection and accountability by those around you.

-You are willing to step into brave and courageous leadership and use your new tools, skills, and techniques in the world.

-You are longing to be resourced and nourished by women who are just like you so that you can enjoy, utilize, and sustain your feminine spirit. 

Your inner fighter, inner lover, inner child, inner caretaker, and inner rebel are all invited to attend this retreat. We will hold space for them all so that you can reconnect to your real self and release what holds you back from being the biggest, brightest, and boldest star in the sky.  

Ready to maximize your effectiveness and ability to live in vulnerability AND fight with passion amidst the chaos around youThen register HERE or email me at to find a time for a private complimentary call, where we can decide together whether this is the right retreat for YOU, at this important time.