Nurture Your Passion, Nourish Your Soul

Women's Wellness Weekend Retreat

Harper's Ferry, Maryland

April 5-8th, 2018


Are you wanting so bad to be “perfect” that you’re overextended, overcommitted, and worn out?

Are you stuck in the doing, achieving, pushing, and fighting and want to find a new way of living that acknowledges the need for change within you AND the outside world?

Have you felt burnt out and exhausted by navigating the masculine and know you need take a step back and remember what matters most to you?

Do you feel confused, worried, depleted, or fearful about what’s next and want to re-connect with your true purpose and higher vision for the world?

This retreat is for women who are serving, caretaking, helping, or contributing (if you are overwhelmed and over giving, this is you!) to others AND needing to reset, slow down, or temporarily disconnect from your current reality. 

I’ve carefully designed this retreat to give you the space and support to pause, ground, and re-evaluate what’s important so you can better serve yourself alongside your family, community and the people in your life that need you. It will give you the practical skills and tools to heal, reenergize, and prepare yourself to show up bravely in the world!

This retreat is for YOU, to accept yourself, in all your imperfection and messiness on this journey of life.


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During the 3-days we are together, among the trees in the forest, you will:

Remember the wisdom of your body and accessing your higher self so you can feel more deeply, and honor your experiences;

Slow down and get connected with your needs as well as the stories that don’t serve you so that they can no longer hold you back;

Prioritize yourself and get clarity about immediate decisions and challenges so you can move forward in aligned ways from your heart;

Process transitions or difficulties— new job, a move, death of a loved one, illness, lack of intimacy, struggles with kids, etc. — with expert support so that you don’t have to do it alone;

Practice being a courageous leader and role model a new way of being and using your voice in the world;

And, become part of THE TRIBE of women who are able to find the beautiful and essential harmony between loving AND fighting so that you can resist AND move in the world with confidence, energy, and power.

This is your time, dear women, to own your raw, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated self so you can own your feminine WARRIOR SELF who arms herself with openness, presence, curiosity, and empowerment and fuels herself with passion, purpose, and nourishment.

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This retreat is for you, if:

-You are ready to explore your emotions, particularly the strong ones, and see what wisdom or information lives there so that you make more authentic and empowered decisions.

-You are willing to work with your shadows, and get curious about the long-held stories and thoughts that get in your way, so you can open yourself up to a different way of living.

-You are committed to trying out new approaches for compassionately communicating and relating to yourself and others, even if it involves some risk and vulnerability.

-You know in your gut that there is another path — a way to serve yourself AND others and want to learn practical tools, skills, and techniques in order to get you there.

-You believe that it is important to connect and be nourished by the feminine, and even more than that, that you cannot be your boldest self without the support and safety of sisterhood. 

Given how ingrained our habits of disconnection can be, you might be saying that this isn’t the right time or you should wait for a better moment to step in. If this is you, I encourage you to put your fears to the side and see what your intuition has to say about joining us. The key to transforming old norms and ways of being in the world is to practice, and this is your chance to put in place a way of living that will have pay offs for you, your family, and community for years to come! 

Ready to maximize your effectiveness while changing the world AND your ability to live with fierce love? Then register HERE or email me at to find a time for a private complimentary call, where we can decide together whether this is the right retreat for YOU, at this important time.


“Leora is a natural empath who is skillfully trained in compassionate communication.  From the first sentences we exchanged, I felt profoundly heard and understood.  Leora brings passion, whole-hearted caring and warmth to helping women uncover their deepest feelings, beliefs and needs.   With pointed, yet gentle guidance, she helps develop goals and action items.  Leora has helped me show up more fully as myself in the world and cultivate greater joy and celebration.  I highly recommend her services to any woman looking to live and work more in alignment with her true self.” -Jessica

“I have a busy and stressful career and life, and I was searching for the space and structure to reconnect with my internal needs and desires when I came across Leora's spring retreat.  It seemed - and was - the perfect opportunity to step away from my normal routine, meet and connect with some inspiring and authentic women, and take time for my own self-care.  I felt an immediate shift in perspective and balance during the weekend, and have been able to keep the lessons and experiences of the weekend with me in my daily life after the retreat.  I found Leora to be a deft and motivating coach for many types of people, and I am looking forward to continuing my work with her one-on-one.” -Emily

“Through a women's retreat, workshops, and one-on-one coaching, Leora has helped me calm my perfectionism, regularly look for alternative stories to my gut reaction, and use my voice authentically. Working with Leora has helped give me the vocabulary to better articulate my feelings, needs, values, and requests. Working one-on-one, Leora adapted her style to me and my needs. Leora is supportive and knowledgeable and suggests relevant resources.” -Laura

"I have had the pleasure of attending Leora’s retreat twice. Leora creates a space that is safe, empowering and sacred. Each time it allowed me to hit pause and enter a different physical, mental and emotional dimension where I could restore the vision of who I want to be and how I want to live in the world. I left feeling clearer about my needs and the importance of not compromising on them. I left feeling more connected to myself and to a wonderful community of women who also took the journey with me." -Meghan