My Mission:

  • Heal and transform women around the world who want to better prioritize themselves; 
  • Shift lives towards authentic connection, wholeness, and purpose; and
  • Create an unstoppable movement that combines inner peace and joy with service around the world.

About Me

After working for many years in the social justice, women's empowerment, and humanitarian fields, I created Healing in Service to support women like me who struggle with self-love and balance. I offer tailored coaching and weekend retreats that will bring you into a deep sense of power and freedom. My approach will allow you to come home to yourself, find your voice, and live your desires in the outside world. My services are uniquely crafted based on your needs and use a variety of compassionate communication as well as coaching techniques to bring more calm, stability, and flow into your daily life. 

Healing in Service aims to support you, social justice activists, humanitarian workers, and service providers, by developing communities where women can process their experiences and transform their pain into renewed trust, confidence, and energy. You will be given the space and to re-center and ground yourself so that you can better serve others and be there for the people in your life that need you. I will give you the skills, practices, and support to take action towards greatness and abundance in your life!