Welcome to Healing In Service

-- Do you long to reconnect with your authentic self in your work?  
-- Do you want more intimacy, love, and closeness in your daily life? 
-- Do you seek to release, be known, and live bigger in the world?
-- Do you crave to be seen, understood, and valued by your family, friends, and colleagues?

I know that you are tired. I know that you feel disconnected. I know that you seek the intimacy of being known by another.

I want you to know that you are worthy. That you are exactly who you need to be in this moment. That you are loved just as you are. That you are perfect in your complexity and confusion. That you are already on the path that you should be walking. 

I see your talent. I see your ability to transform the world. I see your capacity to feel. I see your attempts to re-center and ground. I see your struggle to hold everything and feel balanced in every moment. I see your beauty. I see how incredible you are at what you do.

I believe that you can feel confidence and joy in your work. I believe you can be good to yourself even when others are not able to do so. I believe that peace is possible for you. If you want to move from overwhelm, burnout, or frustration, into confidence, power, and joy, then I invite you into a complimentary Discovery Session with me.  

Schedule your call now - I look forward to speaking with you!

Exciting news!  With the political and social upheaval from the election, I am more committed more than ever to supporting sisterhood and women to speak out with both vulnerability and passion! My signature retreat for women who serve takes place next April in the mountains. 

Do you feel confused or fearful about what to do next and want to be re-connected with your true purpose and what matters most to you?

This retreat is for women who are serving, caretaking, helping, or contributing to the world AND holding frustration, anger, sadness, or resignation in her heart. It will give you the space and support to help you to re-center, ground, and remember what’s important so you can fiercely serve yourself alongside your community and the people in your life that need you. It will give you the skills, practices, and tools to heal, reflect, and prepare yourself to be truly effective! 

This retreat is for YOU, to accept yourself, in all your imperfection and messiness.