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Women's Open Dialogue

Are you a service provider, humanitarian worker, or social justice activist who’s passionate about helping those in need? When you weigh your abilities against the huge need for help, do you feel overwhelmed and stressed? Do your experiences in the field (and out of it) leave you on the verge of falling over?

If this is you, please join me and your fellow travelers on this journey for an intimate women’s open dialogue.

On this 60-minute call, you will: 

-Be in a safe space, where you can speak candidly, straight from your heart
-Share your experiences with and be heard by like-minded women who’ve been in the same situations
-Connect with others who are experiencing the similar challenges and problems you face
-Receive energy and inspiration from being in conversation with women in our community

I will also share with you my practice for getting grounded and rooted quickly in those tough moments as well as when you are in larger life transitions. You will leave with essential information and ideas for resourcing yourself and bringing in what you need immediately following the call. We will also practice the art of being connected, being seen, and being held by other women to bring in ease, comfort, and confidence that will take you to the next level.

It is time to speak our truth and celebrate in front of one another. And, time to cheer for each other and acknowledge the pain in the world. 

We will gather, we will speak, and we will tell stories about how we are living (or struggling) in the world. By saying it out load, we will release what is not serving us, we will bring in what we want to come true, and we will get the support we need and deserve in our work. 

So, whatever it is, please plan to bring it to this women’s open dialogue. No planning, no stress, no pressure. It will just be us, the phone, and Mother Earth listening to our stories.

I hope you will join me, sign-up, and be there for each other! Let me know by clicking the link to register and then you will receive the details to call into this special event.