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Women's Open Dialogue

Are you a service provider, humanitarian worker, or social justice activist who gives all of her energy and time to others rather than to herself?

Do you feel disconnected and alone in the organization and office in which you currently work?

Do you long to feel connected, supported, and part of a loving community?

Do you struggle to take care of yourself and find self-care tools that really work?

If this is you, join me and your fellow sisters for our second intimate women’s open dialogue. On our last call, we talked about how our thoughts often get in the way of being able to get centered and grounded. How negative self-talk and judgments come up and consume us on a regular basis. How we hold beliefs about not doing enough, not doing the right thing, or not being good enough in our work.

When you join this 60 minute call, you will:

-Be held with safety so that you can explore your harmful and painful self-talk
-Speak your self-limiting beliefs amidst women who “get” you and your work
-Practice identifying your helpful and unhelpful thoughts and beliefs in difficult moments
-Learn how to recognize your deeply held personal beliefs and stories
-Develop skills to reframe and choose more empowered stories or viewpoints
-Hear from women who have similar but hurtful beliefs about themselves
-Receive empathy and tips for becoming an active rather than passive participant in your beautiful life

I will share with you my practice for re-framing and replacing my deeply held beliefs. You will leave with important knowledge and critical skills to live your life and make decisions with choice and power. We will also practice the art of being vulnerable and finding other ways to protect ourselves rather than coming up with false stories (about ourselves and others).

This dialogue will include a short meditation, some exercises for everyday life, as well as a robust discussion with other women like you. You will leave with information and ideas for coming up with new and empowering beliefs immediately following the call. We will also practice developing beliefs that are loving, gentle, and supportive in order to take you to the next level!

It is time to be seen and known by other women. And, to be there for each other as we navigate the pain of our own lives as well as that which exists in the outside world.

We will make space, we will share, and we will offer each other tips based on what we have learned about loving ourselves and being good to ourselves in our work.

So, whatever it is, please show up and bring yourself into this women’s open dialogue. No hiding, no pretending, no shame. It will just be us, the phone, and an intimate community of women sharing our stories.

I hope you will join me, sign-up, and continue our global connection with one another!