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Free Online Teleclass: Claim Your Needs Once and For All

If you are ready to move from disconnection into knowing what's important and making choices that are aligned with your needs, join me. Once you get connected to your needs, you will find that you are more confident in both day-to-day and life decisions. It will become easier to make requests and communicate what you want to others. You will also feel more grounded and powerful, prepared to deepen your relationships with self and those around you, AND SO MUCH MORE.

This one-hour teleclass will introduce you to the concept of needs, how to utilize them in your everyday life, and why they are so important to serving others with confidence, authenticity, choice, and curiosity.

You will leave this call with three key takeaways:

-How to live with "needs-based" consciousness in your day-to-day

-How to identify your needs when life gets confusing or complicated

-How to honor your needs and bring yourself into a new level of power

These practices are foundational for increasing your connection to self and limiting disconnection.

All you have to do is register BELOW to tell me you are IN and get your call information. I intentionally made this teleclass online, so you can participate from ANY location on the planet. You won't want to miss learning about this essential way of living, so you can finally crack the code to your internal knowing that lives within you!