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Making Empowering Requests: How to Name and Speak Your Needs

  • Yoga Heights 3506 Georgia Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20010 United States (map)

Do you struggle with knowing what you truly want in difficult moments?

Do you fear asking for what you want and putting your needs on the table?

Do you long to learn techniques for making loving and effective requests?

If so, join me for this (two-part) workshop to learn how to put YOUR needs more often and more consistently on the table. 

Many of us make ourselves small in situations where we don’t think we will get what we want.

We shy away from voicing and claiming our desires because we are scared of the response.

We minimize or lesson our wishes because we don't want to be “too much”, “too direct”, or “too forceful” (not to mention “too assertive”).

But, you don’t have to live this way. There is a different path forward in your relationships where you get to claim all that lives inside of you while also having consideration and care for those that will hear it.

If you are looking to live your life more boldly and to show up bigger in your relationships, it’s possible. There are quick and clear strategies available to you to be specific about what you need in any given moment. There are easy ways to formulate your requests so that they are better heard and understood. More importantly, there are practices you can cultivate to put yourself out there without being attached to outcome (i.e. preparing you to hear a “no" or "sorry" without retreating into shame or self-judgement).

Join us for this two-part workshop where we will explore all of the above, dive deep into how to radically communicate when it matters, and be fully known without having to compromise or push your true emotions aside.