Workshops and Retreats: 

Workshops and retreats help you to explore self-limiting beliefs, honor feelings of sadness and anger, let go of perfection, and align your heart, work, and lifestyle to what you most deeply desire. They offer a new and gentle way to reclaim your inner worth and story among a community of women with a shared path and passion. You will spend time connecting with your inner needs, stepping into vulnerability, integrating your experiences, and creating space for self-love and authentic transformation. You will also be coached, mentored, and supported over an afternoon or entire weekend to reset and step into a more balanced, open and grounded self despite any obstacles in front of you.

Workshops and retreats are particularly helpful for those seeking clarity and inspiration during difficult times. They are proven to take you on a powerful experience from confusion towards full alignment.

These workshops and retreats will help you:

Align your heart, work, and lifestyle to what you most intimately desire so that you are living and making decisions with more power and choice

Understand your inner critic and work with painful experiences so that they no longer hold you back or keep you from being big

I will create space for you. I will seek to find your wholeness in every moment. I will help you to feel alive again and close to those you love. 

Come join our revolution and begin your healing journey!


Yoga is ideal for those searching for daily opportunities to take care of yourself and find peace, calm, and mindfulness in the big city. You can find me teaching gentle vinyasa yoga at various studios around town. Please contact me if you want a schedule of my upcoming classes in Washington, DC. 

These classes will help you:

Check-in with your body to connect with what you are feeling and holding so you can prioritize what you need on a deeper level

Resource yourself so that you can serve with more confidence, love, and joy when out in the world

.Healing in Service is informed by women who have decades of experience and understand the humanitarian and social justice fields. I have taken hundreds of conversations, combined with my own personal journey, to master and inform my process of self-connection. I will guide and support you to better align your choices, habits, and beliefs with who you truly are and want to be in the world. As such, my coaching and retreats focus on building a community or movement of women who strive to lovingly contribute while also being gentle and good to themselves. 

My vision is to create a movement of feminine sisterhood that is guided and informed by all of you so that you can trust that you are held and have a safe place to land when you need rest. My services are here for you if you are committed to passionately living your dreams, fiercely serving others, would benefit from slowing down, and are longing to depend your sense of self.



Tailored Life Coaching:

Tailored life coaching is targeted to women who are feeling fearful, anxious, defeated, unable to say “no”, or like they are about to fall over. I serve you so that you can establish a more confident and grounded self during times of transition, instability, and unpredictability. I use a combination of breathing, holding peace, and direct questioning to help you explore your sense of worth, shame, and overwhelm. This coaching is uniquely beneficial if you are working in the humanitarian and social justice fields or know what it feels like to overextend yourself in an effort to help others. Coaching is offered in a package of five sessions or more that take you through a powerful process of identifying, naming, and connecting with the feelings and needs alive within you. I follow-up on each call with alues-based strategies or actions that have been co-developed by you and will move you towards what you most desire.

Coaching can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype. It can also be scheduled during times that are most convenient for you or when you have something challenging that requires and deserves additional outside support.

Tailored coaching will help you:

Gain clarity about your immediate needs and values so that you can quickly connect to what’s important in the face of day-to-day challenges and conflicts

Bring balance and steadiness in the face of transition and instability so that you can feel confident and empowered in your decisions

Develop strategies for nurturing, loving, and being gentle to yourself so that you are sustained and energized in your work

I will hold you. I will tap into your boldness. I will give you back the power that already exists inside of you. I will be a witness to your anger and sadness. I will be your partner in crime and your sister in solidarity. 

Let’s play and find those gems of knowing inside of you!

I am here for you because I am you.