Janet, Washington, DC Area

"My work with Leora is the first time I am working with a coach. It has been a wonderful experience, and I know all of it has to do with Leora as a person and as an amazing coach. Through my work with Leora, I have delved deeper into understanding my needs and emotions, naming them, and loving myself along the way. I feel more connected to myself and to what I want. The most amazing part is that this connection doesn’t end after our hour working together, instead, I am learning the tools to integrate my work with Leora into my everyday life. She is always able to get to the heart of my need or feeling and help me process so that I am able to create a plan for what I want to do instead of staying stuck in what others need or expect from me. Her insight is powerful and unique in its clarity and her compassion. These tools and support help me in all aspects of my life and my relationships with others. I am very grateful for Leora and all that she brings to our coaching relationship."

Raquel, California

"Months ago I was experiencing what I would categorize as a nervous breakdown.  It was a challenging period in my life because my body and mind basically told me “Since you are not taking care of yourself, we are going to do it for you”.  I was impatient, felt so ugly inside and out, and basically refused to take care of my husband and teenage children.  Things got increasingly worse until one day I came across a posting that a friend had “liked” on Facebook.  It was from a place called Healing in Service, promoting a Spring Retreat for women in the Humanitarian field.

After checking out her website, I emailed Leora Ward, the owner.  I was scared and nervous to talk with a complete stranger, but I knew that I needed an outlet for the extreme anxiety and overwhelm I was feeling.  Leora emailed me back and we scheduled some time to speak over the phone. Her call was prompt, and timely.  Before even attending the workshop, she gave me some pointers over the phone to help quiet the bees I was feeling in my body.  It was fantastic!  We scheduled two more calls before the workshop, both as beneficial as the first.

Leora’s workshop mas magical to say the least.  So many firsts happened in the four days I attended.  I ate vegan food, tried acupuncture, did yoga, and found a profound love and connection for meditation.  My biggest first-Learning to truly love myself and take care of myself.  I didn’t know mothers could do that!  I have learned to take life in small steps, one day at a time. I have learned that I matter, more than I ever thought I could.  Most importantly, I learned that if I matter, I can love my family and my children the way I always dreamed it would be possible.

After working with Leora, I came home refreshed and ready to go!  I felt invigorated, like a light was building inside me waiting to burst out through my fingers and toes!  Not only have I shared some of the things I learned with my family, but also with the young women I work with! Things have been wonderful for me.  My family has formed part of the healing of my soul, and at work, I inadvertently worked myself in to a promotional opportunity!

I look forward to attending more of Leora’s retreats and spreading the message to empower and enlighten more women!"

Corrie, Washington, DC

"I attended a workshop Leora led about rewriting our inner narratives to more positive, self-affirming ones. It was an incredibly well-spent two hours - I came away with personal insights and new tools for looking at my past experiences through a healthier lens, and greater mindfulness about how I form new memories and process both everyday and milestone events. She brought light, genuine empathy, and levity to subjects that are often difficult to face, and her disarming style allowed me to open up and release some emotional baggage that was weighing me down.”

Keri, Wisconsin

"I thought I was extremely confused and sort of lost in terms of the direction my life was headed in. I felt pressured to choose a path, convinced that I was at a crossroads. My work with Leora has helped me to trust myself, to identify the roots of my feelings and my thoughts, which has given me a peace that I didn't have before. Also, she helped me to see the beauty in my needs, instead of viewing them in a negative light. Leora is a very genuine person. I was surprised by how much she really cared about my well being. I know that I will be held accountable, in a very loving way.  I felt supported, never judged, safe but challenged. Also, Leora has a very soothing and calming presence."

Teresa, New York

"When I started working with Leora, I was feeling completely stuck. I had experienced the death of a close colleague and mentor and I did not know where to turn. Talking with Leora provided me with an accessible starting point to process the immense grief I felt. As we continued our sessions, I was able to find greater balance in many areas of my life. Leora was supportive and encouraging. She provided insight into issues that I was unable to see clearly. She empowered me to find solutions and suggested coping mechanisms to try. Because of Leora, I was able to successfully work through several transitions. I am grateful to have been connected with her."