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Dear Sister,

You are unstoppable in life, work, and relationships—passionately contributing to the world. You’re on a quest to create equality!

While you’re immersed in your pursuit to help others, you neglect yourself: your body, relationships, and overall well-being.

The work you love feels like a grind. You feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Close to burnout.

In my years of activism, this is what I see repeatedly: courageous, passionate women who are changing the world yet feel stuck in their personal lives; who love others unconditionally but are overly critical of themselves; who nurture professional relationships yet struggle with vulnerability and intimacy in personal ones.

This is what I’ve learned: You are not a machine that fuels the betterment of others’ lives. Your well-being is essential to your activism.

I help you learn and practice a softer way of living, where you matter just as much as your activism does! My tailored coaching approach allows you to revisit your desires, practice identifying and vocalizing your boundaries, and live from an empowered place, where you are saying a whole-hearted YES—not I guess so, when you really mean no.

I am committed, not to fixing or judging you, but to meeting you where you are on your journey.

Together, when you’re ready, we create simple ways for you to embrace imperfections and address stuck emotions, to find a sustainable approach to supporting yourself and helping others.

I combine breath work, non-violent communication approaches, and direct questioning to help you think clearly during difficult moments.

My offerings are uniquely crafted to meet your needs and bring a new level of inner peace and calm into your daily life.


“A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform.”

— Diane Mariechild


Lasting change takes time.

And, this work is not for the faint of heart.

This work is an investment in yourself.

You will go deep.

Are you ready to love yourself just as fiercely as you serve the world? Let’s connect on a complimentary discovery call!




Ritual Work: highly personal ceremonies to help you heal, honor significant life moments, and celebrate your accomplishments. Sacred rituals range from short but meaningful ceremonies to bigger commitments that allow you to operate from a place of wholeness.

Discovery and Mastery Coaching: a powerful, reflective process, to gain emotional clarity and excel in a more harmonious way. By exploring common situations and struggles, particularly during times of uncertainty, you form healthier habits and ways to remain grounded.


Women’s Circles: joining other women in sisterhood reminds you there are graceful ways to live and, you are not alone. Circles remove you from your daily routine and invite your higher self to guide you through healing meditations, community discussion, and journaling.

Retreats: sacred time to step away from the relentless hustle and into a community to practice sustainable ways of living and working. By prioritizing yourself, you will move forward in alignment with your deepest values and desires.



Healing In Service nurtures women to embrace imperfection, let go of impossible expectations, and deeply love themselves so they can fiercely serve the world.