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Right for you if:  

You are seeking whole-hearted support as you move from disconnection into loving your imperfect self, practicing regular self-compassion, and opening yourself up to deep internal shifts and transformation.


“I started Leora’s programme, at a low point, weighed down and almost giving up. The programme gave me practical skills that I used to change my thoughts. Now, I can relax, accept my needs, and have enjoyed more intimacy, as well.”

— Suhaila


What you’ll discover:



Deeply connect with your mind and body so you can start to care for yourself in new ways that allow you to live fully and speak your truth.



Practicing new techniques brings ease, self-satisfaction, less judgment, and more gentleness into your work and life.



Each coaching session ends with needs and values-based actions that have been co-developed encouraging you to own your worth, live boldly, and feel confident every day.


As a result of discovery and mastery coaching work:

You create a life full of passion and desire in which you speak truth to power and master skills to support your unique dreams!

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