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Right for you if:  

You are looking to stop rushing through transitions and ready to bring ease and rhythm into your life.


Leora uses very concrete and practical approaches to coaching that support immediate progress. She’s the best practitioner I have worked with (and I have worked with many). I’ll be forever grateful that I received her support in the most intimate and transitional time.

— Jessica

What you’ll discover:



Creating time to be present opens space for your raw emotions to surface, moving through profound pain, so that you can tend to other areas in your life without feeling overwhelmed.



Slowing down and acknowledging the significance of an event invites you to honor the occasion, rather than breezing through it.



Connecting with yourself and sitting in chaos without judgement welcomes stability so you can live in the present moment.


As a result of ritual work:

You mark an event in the way it warrants: feeling settled and confident facing life’s hardest transitions–whether it be loss of a loved one, a new baby, or marriage–while fully showing up in your life!

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