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Right for you if:  

You are drained by work and family and want to explore other avenues to live heathier so you can maximize your contribution to your community.


I had the pleasure of attending Leora’s retreat twice. Leora creates a space that is safe, empowering, and sacred. Each time allowed me to hit pause and enter a different physical, mental, and emotional dimension where I could restore the vision of who I want to be. I left feeling more connected to myself and to a wonderful community of women who also took the journey with me.

— Meghan

What you’ll discover:



Combining breathing techniques, non-violent communication approaches, and direct questioning helps integrate and connect your mind and body. You learn to craft decisions and plans that are strategic rather than reactive.


Embodied Emotions

The experiential nature of retreats is time to practice coaching your mind and body through resistance or fear so you can shape your life by choice.



In this space, you will chart out a long-term, realistic plan for serving your community from a more meaningful and connected place.


As a result of attending a retreat:

You fully embody your life’s purpose. You uncover a sense of mattering that leaves you feeling refreshed, leaning into your vision in new ways, and advocating for yourself and your work. You craft clear boundaries and requests for your relationships and life!

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